Our Board Of Directors

Pastor Emmanuel Okada

 Pastor Emmanuel Okada is Co-Founder/Chairman Board Of Directors,  A Local Church Pastor and Local Council leader to date.   He has Volunteered with Samaritan’s Purse International (patterning with WFP) for 3 years, He is also Chairman of  Barogole  Dongo  Saving and Credit Group, Emmanuel is Married to one wife and with 7 children. He has A Bachelor in Theology, He Loves reading bible and Community service, visiting the sick and Praying for them.

Moses Okeng

Moses Okeng is The Founder/ Chief Executive Office, he is a father, acquired Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (BBA) from Makerere University Business School in Uganda, and has got Cosera Certification trainings on Social Business, Project Risk and Challenges, Project Management and Practices Principles among others.  He has worked for Nonprofit Organizations for over 10 years with different Position as an accountant, Field Officer, Project Manager, Moses has the Following Roles and Responsibilities; He is in charge of executing the vision of the Board and working in close partnership with Board Members to carry out the strategic vision and goals of the Board. He works with the Board to create a strategic plan for the organization and ultimately execute the work and programs that the organization leads. He fills the key administrative leadership role for the organization and lead the staff. He supervises the budget and marketing efforts among others. Moses is so Kind, Full of Humor, Generous and Love Humanitarian Work, To Him it’s his calling. He is an Entrepreneur and A Social Worker, He love spending time with his family, Riding Bicycle, evening Walks, Making new friends and reading among others.

Roseline Angwech

Roseline Angwech is Co-Founder/Treasurer, she is a mother of Two, she works with Uganda National Council of Sports as a Field Supervisor and has worked in many reputable companies like Sheraton Hotel and Silver Spring as a Cashier Roseline is so passionate about helping the needy. She is a member of Adagwoo Village Saving and Loans Association in Dokolol District, Uganda where we operate. Roseline is so friendly, Likes Crating new friends, Playing Basketball and Riding motor bike. She acquired Diploma Special need and Community Development from Kyambogo University in Uganda.

Joyce Barning

Joyce Barning is Co-Founder/ Development Director; she is a Canadian with Ugandan Origin, Business Woman, Married and a mother of Five Children. At SOWI Joyce is assigned, with the following Roles and Responsibilities; Developing and implement a strategic plan to raise vital funds for SOWI in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Her primary responsibility is to oversee fundraising, write grants, research foundations and corporations, and oversee or implement other fundraising strategies, establishing a structure for effective fundraising. Joyce is so Passionate about helping those in need.

Bernard Odur

Bernard Odur is Co-Founder/Internal Auditor, He is a banker with over 13 years’ experience in cash management, relationship management and credit a banker; He acquired Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from Makerere University Business school in Uganda. He Love helping others.